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Pipeline Surf Club At Kings Island


“life is like a wave. You can’t change the way it breaks, but you can

change the way you ride it.” 

The Pipeline Surf Club is a group of nearly 200 surfers ages 12 - 79 who meet at Soak City - part of Kings Island in Mason, Ohio.  As a premier water park, Soak City has three WAVE LOCH flowriders.   Check out the Premier Water Parks tab above!         As you explore our web site, be sure to click on the photographs to see an enlarged view.  Enable pop-ups for the full effect.  Webmaster:  Email mike@tmflick.net  

What is Flowboarding?

Flowboarding is an alternative boardsport incorporating elements of both surfing and bodyboarding,    Surfers  ride on artificial waves that are technically called sheet waves and  generated by powerful pumps that project a shallow layer of water at speeds ranging from 20 MPH to 30 MPH.  The result is a stationary wave with water flowing up and over surfaces engineered to replicate ocean waves.    Riders use the energy from the water to gain speed and perform complex tricks and turns.

How do I learn to Ride?

Start by getting in line!  Watch riders who are accomplished paying close attention to their body and hand position on the board.  To not get washed out, you must be agressive with the board.  But don’t get discouraged if you wash out a few times - every experienced rider did that as a beginner.     Talk to the experienced riders for pointers.  Most members of the Pipeline Surf Club will be happy to get to know you and help you learn the sport.    A side benefit is that flowboarding is great caridovascular exercise - it is good for you!
Last Weekend of 2019 Season
Special Announcement    Some of Kings Island’s biggest supporters and promoters were disappointed by the way the 2019 season ended on Labor Day at Soak City.  In what our group believes is a violation of Cedar Fair/Kings Island policy, a female management underling closed Pipeline Paradise before the last few guests in the queue were able to ride.  This caused the 15 year tradition of Pipeline Surf Club last riders to end.  Our end of year photograph was allowed and can be seen to the left.  It was an unfortunate ending to a great season and all are encouraged to continue to support the park.