We are a group of surfing enthusiasts at Soak City, the premier water park at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio. Closing Day 2015 September 7, 2015   
Our Tradition
The Pipeline Surf Club
life is like a wave. you can’t change the way it breaks, but you can change the way you ride it. 
The Pipeline Surf Club is a group of nearly 200 surfers ages 12 - 79 who meet at Soak City - part of Kings Island in Mason, Ohio.  As a premier water park, Soak City has three WAVE LOCH flowriders.   Check out the Premier Water Parks tab above!         As you explore our web site, be sure to click on the photographs to see an enlarged view.  Enable pop-ups for the full effect.  Email mike@tmflick.net with your name and email address to join the club.